Surprize Yourself Everday!!

  • The consumers will have access to the retailers' products and services at discounted prices, which is not available to the 'walk in customers'.
  • Retailers to offer daily, weekly and monthly promotions in the application with loads of surprises.

What is

ISURPRIZE, the emerging mobile application company, is conceived by a group of like minded and forward thinking entrepreneurial friends. These entrepreneurs have wide and various experience whom understand that the best way to win and retain customer loyalty is to always return or rewarding them for their patronage. ISURPRIZE intention is to constantly and pleasantly surprising the customers & business partners with gifts and promotions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in different creative forms.

What you can Get from iSurprize

Discount Service

Free Gift

Event Participation

Monthly Promotion

Our Objectives
  • To effectively integrate merchants, retailers and consumers on Business to Business (B2B) & Business to Consumer (B2C) basis, on a single platform through mobile application.
  • To enable retailers and merchants to promote their house brands, products and services at minimal cost and to stimulate consumer interests.
Our Vision
  • To be the leading mobile marketing platform in South East Asia where everyone can advertise and be rewarded through iSurprize.